Hello! Grzegorz Seweryn – author of film, symphony or pop music. Composer, editor, pianist, conductor. Graduate of the Music Academy in Katowice (2004).
I have obtained Master’s degree in music editing and composing under the direction of professor Jacek Glenc, writing music for Big Band and symphony orchestra. I wrote my master’s dissertation on subject “Film music – autonomous or illustrative?”

I am an author of some of the top music labels (i.e. Magic Music Polska). I also composed music for a commercial of Lodzka Szkola Sztuki I Projektowania ( University of Art and Design in Lodz). I took part in festival “Youth for Wyspianski”, where works of Polish composers (i.e. Krzesimir Debski) were presented. I work with label Labiryntus, for which I have written tens of songs for children. I work with chamber orchestras as a composer, manager or conductor.



Here are some movies which I composed the music:


Below are some photos of my person