Music for commercials

I bet on versatility

I write classical, film and jingle, electronic and commercial music e.g. for games. What differentiate me from other composers it’s my specific style, memorable melodic line and distinguishable harmony, which contains elements of “tarc sekundowych”, jazz and tension build up and delays. I am inspired by the sound of Russian composers’ – Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Siergiej Rachmaninov, and more contemporary artists likek Hans Zimmer, Alan Silvestri or Harry Gregs-Williams. Time required to complete the job depends on the size of the order. It takes less time to write a music for 3 minutes long computer game than a soundtrack for full length film. Usually I need a week to complete 3 min score for a game and a month for a 20 min – short length film.


Examples of commercial music


Why should you chose me?

I value dialog with client to establish their expectations. A good example: a music sample from Youtube – “ that’s what it should sound like…”, “I don’t want this type of music or such and such instrument” – it’s also a big help for me. The order “do as you want”, doesn’t mean much. I know from experience, that it takes longer to make corrections at a later stage. The more specific order placed the quicker the results.

The music is not usually send in the final The abrasive, without correction bands without proper proportions. Once the client approves the project and is responsible to him in every way (including timing) when dealing with correction, sound and proportions.

Striving for perfection is a continual self-improvement, his workshop, tools and mentality. Consistency and patience result in better performance. It is time to give yourself a little more time, to fine-tune music.


Spodobał Ci się styl pracy który opisałem?

Zawsze chętnie porozmawiam na temat muzyki. Jestem otwarty na współpracę w przestrzeni komercyjnej i artystycznej. Zapraszam do kontaktu, napisz do mnie lub zadzwoń. – Grzegorz Seweryn.

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