Music production

I like to have control over every stage of formation work.

Therefore, from the very beginning I put a lot of emphasis on high quality signal processing. In his studio equipment is vital to the proper and comfortable working with musical material.


Here are the parameters of my recording studio:

Writing music by  Cubase 8PRO 24bit/96kHz

– preamp Audient ASP800- 8 channels (adat)
– preamp cyfrowo-aDBX 386
– compresor DBX 160A
–  midi matrix switcher ESI
–  Lexicon PCM 91

– x8 HeadAmp


– RODE k2 lampowy
– Oktava MKL2500 lampowy
– Oktava MK319
– MXL 2003


– 32GB ram Corsair
– SSD + HD 4TB + 4TB USB
– Mainboard ASUS Z97-PRO GAMER
– power  750watt Be Quiet

– East West Hollywood Orchestra
– East West Pianos :Steinway,Bechstein,Yamaha,Bosendorfer
– East West Ra
– Stormdrum
– East West symphony Choir
– Percussive Adventures 1,2
– Joey Cramer drums (
– East West Hollywood Harp
– Omnisphere 2
– Stylus


-Groove Agent4

-Komplete 11
– Albion 1 Orchestra

-Garritan Pipe Organ

– Strummed guitars 1 oraz 2

-Scarbee bass guitar

-Action Strings

-Action Strikes

-Pettinhouse Guitars full pack

– UVI synthesizers (Korg M1,Roland D50,Yamaha DX7,Yamaha SY99)


– Roland RD300

–  Virus Ti

– Novation Mininova

– Yamaha An1x

– Roland Jp8000

This studio monitors system Yamaha NS10m + Adcom GFA-535II amplifier and Yamaha MSP5 + Adam SUB10 ,AKG headphones,Beyerdynamic. Studio for acoustic analysis, adapted acoustically by Apama panels PS5 Professional, basstraps.

We have a database musician-collaborators:

The vocals men (tenor, bass), feminine (soprano, alto)
ethnic instruments, solo violin, saxophone, acoustic guitar and classical,
choir, string orchestra.



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