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Co-working on movie “Dzik”

When I got an offer to write music to a featurette “Dzik”, I wanted to prepare myself for the job first. I watched few war movies, paying attention how music helps to build up the mood.

I suggested to the director, that the music, apart from the war elements, should also have a main theme (played by violin supported by symphony orchestra). The director agreed with my idea. I wrote the music starting from the end of the movie, working to the beginning. Typically the towards the end of the movie, music has most substance. Once I wrote the main theme and printed out the sheet music, I invited to my recording studio a talented violinist young generation – Grzegorz Wojtasik (a member of the orchestra of the “Silesia” dance group) to record his performance of the main music theme.


I have used electronic conga drums, played by an ethnic instruments expert – Grzegorz Surowka, to give the music a deeper resonance and a more unconventional sound. Working with the director and the editor I ensured the music had perfect timing, war theme elements and was charged with a large dose of anxiety and mystery. I have send the draft version of the music to the picture editor to ensure it fitted well together. Once this part was complete, I was working on correcting the sound. I was making sure the sound had write proportions and was of the best quality. Finally the recorded completed material in 24 beat rate 96kHz was sent to the producers.

The final effect

I encourage you to hearing certain songs or to leave a comment under the entry. Have a nice listening.

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